Hartnell College and Mini Corps Start New NASA Partnership

Hartnell College and Mini Corps Start New NASA Partnership
This is the image for the news article titled Hartnell College and Mini Corps Start New NASA PartnershipThe Mini Corps program at Hartnell College and CSU Monterey has received a $22,000 grant to provide professional development for BCOE tutors at the Hartnell College NASA Aeronautics Education Laboratory.   This grant will provide Mini Corp students with Pre Service professional development  through 25 hours of intensive training to learn how to implement NASA curriculum while teaching.   Up to 25 mini corps tutors can participate in the program. 

The Center at Hartnell is the only one on the West Coast and is funded by NASA.  Lorena Silva, Coordinator at Hartnell and Eva Silva, Coordinator at CSU Monterey are excited about this opportunity for the Mini Corps program.   “Eva and Lorena are to be commended by coordinating this great opportunity for students,” said Tim Taylor.  “They have really built up strong relationships with the colleges and community.   I visited this center and it provides STEM programs for 1000’s of kids each year.  For our Mini Corps tutors to be able to learn NASA based curriculum will give them a huge jump start as STEM becomes a standard in the classroom.”   The expansion of STEM is the new era for Mini Corps staff and students. 

This project is coordinated by Maggie Melone-Echiburu, NASA SEMAA Director (Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Aerospace Academy) who has created an exceptional center for youth in the Monterey County area.   “STEM is everything,” said Ms. Melone-Echiburu “I tell students it really is everything you do and is everything around you.  Tell me something STEM is not?” 

Superintendent Taylor will be working with Maggie to bring this program to Butte County.  “What a great opportunity to bring Aeronautics and more STEM opportunities to students.  It would be a fantastic to build a program that emulates Hartnell’s!

Pictured: Maggie Melone-Echiburu and Lorena Silva