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(Child Welfare & Attendance) CWA - Student Attendance


As many as 7.5 million students nationwide miss nearly a month of school every year,

excused and unexcused absences that erode student achievement.


The best curriculum and instruction

won’t work unless students show up for school!

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The Purpose of CWA

  • Support district and school efforts to combat chronic absence and truancy through multi-level approaches
  • Identify best practices, provide training and education, and facilitate forums for sharing strategies
  • Assist with establishing and maintaining community partnerships
  • Support families in addressing barriers to school attendance

Initiatives & Resources:

In School + On Track 2015
Attorney General’s 2015 Report on California’s Elementary School Truancy & Absenteeism Crisis

Attorney General’s toolkit aimed at how to talk to parents of elementary school students about their children’s absences.

Attendance Awareness Month Campaign – Attendance Works

Planning Tool:

 U.S. Department of Education
Every Student, Every Day:
A National Initiative to Address and Eliminate Chronic Absenteeism

Every Student, Every Day:  A Community Toolkit to Address & Eliminate Chronic Absenteeism

Get Schooled

California Department of Education, Child Welfare and Attendance

University of Chicago Consortium on School Research - Attendance and Grades are Best Indicators for Success
5 Key Findings for Middle Grades   •    4 Key Findings for High Schools

Click Here for: Teaching Attendance             Click Here for: The Power of Positive Connections


Every Student, Every Day: A Virtual Summit on Addressing and Eliminating Chronic Absence. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, Attendance Works, Everybody Graduates Center and United Way Worldwide, this online summit outlines key steps that states, districts and communities can take to improve student achievement by monitoring and reducing chronic absence.
Every Student, Every Day: A Virtual Summit (webinar recording)
Every Student, Every Day: A Virtual Summit (discussion guide, PDF)
Every Student, Every Day: A Virtual Summit (presentation slides, PDF)

School Every Day: What Effective Principals Do to Improve Attendance. What strategies do principals use to reduce chronic absence?  Effective principals — along with their committed team members — know that getting students to school each and every day matters. Join the California Department of Education, the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading and Attendance Works as they spotlight the work of principals who have led their schools and communities to do the hard work of reducing chronic absence
Listen to the webinar recording.
Download the discussion guide.
Download the presentation slides.

Sheri Hanni - CWA Coordinator
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