Come Back Butte Charter



Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,

anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending

-Carl Bard


Meeting the needs of students who have not been successful in traditional schools is a challenge that BCOE will address by opening a charter school in Oroville specifically designed to meet the needs of students who have quit attending school for a range of reasons. The CBBC program will help students improve their abilities to read, write, compute, speak, ask questions, listen, solve problems, work independently and in teams, use technology, manage time, accept personal responsibility, live healthy lifestyles, relate comfortably to others and develop transferable job skills. This will be accomplished by promoting curiosity, integrity, social responsibility, and self-esteem. CBBC will help adult students that have qualified for the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and high school-aged students at risk of dropping out to acquire skills to survive and prosper in the 21st century. Student success will be supported by the CBBC philosophy, which includes the following components:

Tailoring education programs to meet each student’s individual needs

Taking into account individual learning modalities

Assessing students on an on-going basis

Hiring, supporting, and continuously training high-quality teachers and staff

Working closely with students and county partners to assure full support for student success

Establishing staff accountability for producing positive outcomes

Identifying interests, life goals and discovering a career aligned to interests and goals

For more information about the program contact:
Janis Delgado
Teacher/ Vice Principal
Come Back Butte Charter
5 County Center Drive
Oroville, CA 95965
(530) 532-5827

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