Williams Settlement Legislation Information

Butte County Office of Education, as monitoring agents, is working with Butte
deciles 1-3 schools to ensure that the new standards of sufficient textbooks,
decent school facilities and qualified teachers are implemented.

Williams Settlement Helpful Resources:

  • Checklist 2016- Important Information
  • Williams Visits Protocol
  • CCSESA Williams Training Materials
  • Teaching Assignment & Review PowerPoint
  • Master - Quarterly Report, Williams Uniform Complaints (word)
  • FAQ
    • 2016-17 Williams Reporting Deadlines:                        
      Quarter:              Reports to BCOE:
      1st ~ July-Sept     Sept. 30
      2nd ~ Oct-Dec      Dec. 29
      3rd ~ Jan-Mar       March 31
      4th ~ Apr-June     June 16

      2016-17 Williams Forms:

      Protocol    -    Checklist
      Form 1
      ElemForm 1 Middle;
      Form 1 High School

            C.2.1 Elem; C.2.1 Middle C.2.1 High School
      Form 2
      Verification of Current Inventory   (Word Version)
      Form 3 Statement Confirming UPC Posting    (Word Version) 
      Form 4 Cert of Replacement Materials   (Word Version)
      Form 5 (FIT);  
      Form 6 Site Visitation   (Word Version)
      Form 7 Elem Visitation Worksht; Form 7 Middle Visititation Worksht;
      Form 7 High School
      Form 8 SARC Visit Tool Guide/Form

      Jeanette Spencer- Senior Advisor, Educational Support Svcs 532.5820
      Jim Simone- 
      Manager, Maintenance/Oper. & Facilities 532.5600
      Dawn Christensen- 
      Senior Credentials Analyst 532.5645
      Gina Wilson- Executive Assistant 532.5789