We've reorganized into four divisions -- they are:  Administrative Services (AS), Educational Support Services (ESS), Student Programs and Services (SPS), and Statewide and Local Support Services (SLSS).  Human Resources is now in the Administrative Services division.  Migrant Education, Mini-Corps, and ITS are in the Statewide and Local Support Services division.  Org Chart

Administrative Services (AS)

AS is responsible for financial management, human resources and payroll services for Butte County Office of Education and Butte County schools.  These services include fiscal services, accounts payable, MAA, financial system support, human resources, credentialing, payroll, and expanded learning.

Educational Support Services (ESS)

ESS works in collaboration with the school districts in Butte County and throughout California to provide provide professional and learning instruction support (SUMS, STEM, Expanded Learning, VAPA), LCAP review, SBAC support, CADRE, and educational technology.

Statewide and Local Support Services (SLSS)

The SLSS division provides a wide range of services to diverse learning communities throughout the State of California, including Information Technology Services, Maintenance and Operations, Migrant Education, Mini-Corps, CalKidz, Back 2 Work, Future Teacher Development, BCOE Foundation, and more.


Student Programs & Services (SPS)

SPS provides direct services so that a diverse population of learners receives appropriate and rewarding education in Butte County.  Services include alternative education, special education, child welfare and attendance, foster and homeless youth, student health and prevention, career and technical education, charter schools and Butte Community Based Coalition.

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